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How it Works

What would it mean for you if you could have your very own team of personal nutritionists & gourmet chefs stocking your fridge with fresh meal deliveries every week?

4 Simple Steps To Getting Started …

  • Step 1
    Let the Fuelwizard™ work its magic

    Let the Fuelwizard™ work its magic

    • ♥ Quick & easy to follow options
    • ♥ No more guesswork
    • ♥ Personalised Nutrition
    • ♥ Daily macro and micro breakdown
  • Step 2
    Create your perfect calorie or meal plan

    Create your perfect calorie or meal plan

    • ♥ Select your food preferences
    • ♥ Tailor it exactly to your needs
    • ♥ Choose a length of subscription
    • ♥ Finally make the right food choices
  • Step 3
    We shop, prep, cook, chill and deliver

    We shop, prep, cook, chill and deliver

    • ♥ With the finest, freshest ingredients
    • ♥ Precisely measured recipes
    • ♥ Made just for you by a Gourmet chef
    • ♥ Delivered fresh to your door nationwide
  • Step 4
    You sit back, relax and enjoy each week

    You sit back, relax and enjoy each week

    • ♥ Easily achieve your nutritional goals
    • ♥ Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals
    • ♥ Take the hassle out of healthy eating
    • ♥ Convenient & flexible subscriptions

Gourmet Fuel

Learn more about GourmetFuel
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How It Works
How It Works
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Who We Are
Who We Are
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Why Choose GourmetFuel
Why Choose GourmetFuel

Gourmet Fuel

Which meals would you like?


400 kCals


500 kCals


600 kCals


300 kCals


200 kCals

XL Dinners

900 kCals


Our nutritionists have carefully designed a delicious range of meal options and make it simple to track your daily nutrition intake of calories. The FuelWizard allows you build any type of daily and weekly nutrition plan.

Macro & Micro Nutrition

Our pioneering FuelWizard technology provides a complete picture of the nutrients you’re eating. You have every macro & micro nutrient, what their benefits are and know if you’re reaching your daily goals.

Nutrition Expertise

Unlike other healthy food companies, we have a team of qualified registered nutritionists here to guide and advise you all the way along your health journey. Our clients who have seen the best results have taken advantage of the expertise we offer.

3 Flexible Ways to Shop

Option 1

Do you want to order a set number of calories for each day of the week?

Option 2

Do you want to order specific meals for the week?

Option 3

Do you just want to browse through all the meals you can order?

Pick all your own preferences

  • Select the types of meals you like and avoid everything else
  • Tell us about any allergies you might have.
  • Suit all your dietary requirements.
  • We’ll only send you meals that are perfect for you.

Review each meal in your plan

  • Look over your meals by the day and week.
  • Swap anything you don’t like the look of.
  • Turn off any meal or day you don’t want.
  • Save your plan so you can use it again and again.

Complete control of your nutrition

  • Full Macro Nutrient Breakdown.
  • Full Micro Nutrition Breakdown.
  • Easily manage daily calorie intake.
  • Know you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals.