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Pregnancy & Fertility

Imagine being able to give your body all the nutrition it needs without any prep, cooking or cleaning up!

Whether you have recently become pregnant or you are still trying, it’s really important that you eat well. We want to help you do that with healthy meals & snacks delivered to your door every week.

Nutrition during your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It’s a very exciting time and one which you need to give yourself and your baby the best care possible. Here at GourmetFuel, we can take extra care of you with your nutritional needs, giving you the time you need to take care of yourself all the while nourishing you and your little one.

Our Registered Nutritionists will help advise and guide you on the foods you should and shouldn’t eat as well as give you the correct amount of energy for each stage of your pregnancy. We can work with your doctor if you have to be mindful of any particular aspect of your health and have a Coru Registered Dietitian available for consultation if required.

Take the pressure off yourself and allow us to Mummy you a little! We can create a meal plan that will perfectly fit your needs at this precious time.

Nutrition for Fertility

When it comes to fertility and nutrition, we are surrounded by misleading information. It can be really confusing to try to separate fact from fiction. Is sugar a big no no if you are trying to conceive? What about caffeine or alcohol? Are there good supplements and bad ones.

One thing we do know is that women who are closer to their ideal healthy body weight have better odds of conceiving than women who are over or even under their ideal body weight.

Our expert nutritionists will provide you with a new healthy eating plan that is balanced and ensures quality calorie and nutrient intake.

How it Works

You Choose

Choose from our range of over 195 healthy meals & snacks

We Cook & Deliver

Freshly made to order & delivered anywhere in Ireland

You Relax & Enjoy

Ready for you to enjoy in 5 mins or less (oven & microwave ready)