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A smarter, simpler solution to fuel a dynamic workforce

For more than a decade, GourmetFuel has been serving tens of thousands of happy customers all over Ireland.  Now, as an employee you can enjoy all the same benefits and even more with our Virtual Canteen service.


It can be difficult to always get your hands on a good meal at work.  Options can be limited and sometimes expensive.  Make your money go futher with healthy eating and see your own health improve with nutritious food.  Order up to 5 days of meals in one order, delivered to your desk or door.

Once your company is registered on our Virtual Canteen service, register your name below to start.  Your company can subsidise the price of your meals to any degree, to give you the best prices possible.

Benefits of our Virtual Canteen for employees
  • Free delivery to company offices three times a week
  • Home delivery to employees nationwide, including Sunday delivery
  • Discounted prices on all products. The more your company subsidises, the cheaper it is
  • Suit all your dietary requirements with over 200 delicious meals to choose from
  • Free nutrition advice and customer care with our dedicated team of professionals
Benefits of our Virtual Canteen for Companies
  • Simplify and improve the way you support your employee nutrition and well-being
  • Make your money go further than with traditional methods of canteen catering
  • Take all the hassle away trying to manage it and get one simple invoice each month
  • Stop wasting money ordering food you predict will be consumed and then thrown out
  • Choose the subsidy level and only pay for what gets used, cutting out all over spending
For a decade, our valued customers have independently scored our meal delivery service at 4.9 out of 5.0
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