Men's Health for Movember

Men's Health for Movember

by Niamh Lonergan | 4th Nov 2021

Did you know that this month is Movember? Whether you're growing your own 'tash for Movember , donating to a charity, running an event or simply making fun of the awkward facial hair your mate at work grows, it's so important that we keep the conversation going surrounding men's health!

Therefore, we wanted to use this weeks blog to contribute towards the conversation surrounding men's health and to encourage the men in our lives to start talking and prioritize their own physical and mental health. 

There's plenty of evidence that nutrition and lifestyle behaviours can impact on men's physical and mental health, but how can we put this into practice? 

Here are some simple diet and lifestyle tools that you can use to help maintain and support your mental and physical wellbeing. 

1. Include healthy fats like fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil in your diet. Omega 3 fats have been associated with reduced risk of cancer including prostate cancer which is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. 

2. Exercise - regular physical activity has been associated with reduced risk of depression and anxiety aswell as improved sleep, quality of life and self-esteem. Aim to move your body in some way everyday whether that be a walk on your lunch break, a run or cycle in the morning or a gym class. Find some form of exercise that you enjoy! 

3. Look after your gut! There's a strong link between our gut health and mental health, in what is called the gut-brain connection. Look after your gut by eating enough fibre foods like wholegrains, fruit, veg and beans/lentils. If you're feeling adventurous slip in some fermented foods!

3. Drink alcohol in moderation. Excessive amounts of alcohol and the dreaded hangover that comes with it the following day can actually worsen feelings of anxiety and stress. 

4. Get enough sleep. A poor sleeping pattern is often partnered with a poor diet and can exacerbate feelings of stress or anxiety. If you're waking up later you might be skipping breakfast and potentially making choices that aren't the best for you later in the day. If you're stuck for time in the mornings, start your day with one of our 400kcal breakfasts!

3. Talk! Stay connected. In a recent study, social connection was found to be the most important protective factor when it comes to depression and mental health. Spending time with family and friends is so important; catch up regularly, check in and make time.

4. Check in with your GP if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health. 

What can we do to support Movember this year

Why not take an active role in Movember this month by making a donation, finding an event in your area or growing your own tash and organising a fundraiser! Find out more about how you can raise awareness here

Here are Gourmet Fuel we've created a meal plan specifically to support mens mental health. Our Mens Health Meal Plan is designed to give your body and mind all the nutrients it needs to thrive!


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