Potatoes: Are They Good For You?

Potatoes: Are They Good For You?

by Niamh Lonergan | 16th Jun 2022

Potatoes can sometimes get a bad rep and there are many misleading myths out there that potatoes are fattening or that the carbohydrates in potatoes are bad for you. Here at Gourmet Fuel we’re a big fan of the spud; they’re so tasty, versatile, nutritious and easy to prepare- what’s not to love! 

That’s why we were so excited this week to introduce to you our brand new breakfast, Hash Browns with Beans! Delicious, homemade baked beans in rich tomato sauce paired with two potato hash browns, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside- the perfect tasty breakfast!

Our delicious hash browns and baked beans can be served on their own or with some poached eggs for an extra protein boost.

What are the health benefits of potatoes?

Consuming potatoes should be encouraged as they are a carbohydrate-rich, energy-providing food with very little fat and are naturally gluten-free.

Low in Calories: The average potato contains just 110 calories!

Carbohydrates: Potatoes are a great source of good quality carbohydrates, needed for our bodies and particularly for brain function. It is worth mentioning that most white potato varieties have a high GI (glycaemic index) carb value, meaning that potatoes are often rapidly digested and markedly increase blood sugar levels. So combining a protein or essential fat source like chicken, beans, fish, butter, hummus, or olive oil with your potato is an excellent way to slow the digestion of the potato, and therefore the speed at which it is appears in the blood as sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals: Potatoes are nutrient dense, being a great source of vitamin C and a variety of B vitamins. They also contain three times the amount of potassium found in bananas!

Fibre: Potatoes are a great source of fibre, needed for good digestion and gut health, with an average potato containing 2g fibre or 8% of the recommended daily fibre intake. 

Protein: A medium sized potato contains 3g protein, combine that with something like beans in tomato sauce and you've got yourself a tasty and high protein breakfast! 

Embrace the humble spud! 

Don't be fooled by the myths around potatoes, they are a perfect food to include with your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Potatoes are a wholesome, balanced and nutritious food to add to any meal and in particular are ideal after an intense training session or workout. Why not add our new Hash Browns with Baked Beans to your next order, and reap all the benefits of the humble spud! 


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