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Exercise: How to Sustain it Long-Term

Exercise: How to Sustain it Long-Term

by Body by G | 15th Jul 2021

When it comes to exercise, we think about how to “get” fit. But often, starting out is not the problem. The big problem is maintaining it. For many people, it’s increasingly difficult to find the time to fit exercise into their daily life but how do we keep moving when our motivation slips, the weather takes a turn for the worse or life gets in the way?

In our blog last week we talked about the health benefits of exercise. These benefits alone should get you off the couch! However even knowing this, sometimes it can be difficult to get started and commit to a regular exercise routine. Here are a few methods of ensuring that you maintain daily exercise (and get a release of those delicious mood-boosting chemicals!):

●Make it fun! You’ll look forward to the activity more if you enjoy it.

●Do it with a friend – we’ve all heard it before, but making plans to exercise with a friend makes it harder for us to procrastinate to decide not to do it.

●Set small goals – While your motivation might rival an Olympic athlete, if you aren’t used to regular exercise be sure to set yourself small, achievable goals and work your way up from there. There’s no use getting injured the first week of your training!

●Get the App – There are a plethora of exercise applications available at (literally) the touch of a button. While the more costly ones may offer fancier graphics and better customer support, the freebies are just as good at helping form a regular routine with exactly the same results!

●Compete – Though most of us maintain that we are not competitive in the slightest, it actually transpires that it is part of our nature to be competitive. Chase that want to be better than someone else and embrace it by registering for a race. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to train!

Are you unsure where and how to get started on your fitness journey?

We have teamed up with Body By G, an award winning fitness community, who specialize in providing their clients with real results. They take away all the guesswork, focusing on everyone as an individual and being 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with their fitness, nutrition and accountability programs. 

Their knowledgeable and committed coaches are here to help you reach your goals and become healthier for good. Body By G’s coaches want to help you create long term change. That’s why they’ll work with you 1-1 to help you develop better nutritional and fitness habits. You’ll learn everything they know about fitness and health, empowering you to change behaviour.

You don’t need a drill sergeant threatening you with extra push-ups to get the job done! If you currently feel stuck, trapped or overwhelmed, an accountability coach will help you set goals and then prioritise your time.

Body By G’s programs can be delivered in their gym based in Dublin 15 or online – making it easy for you to incorporate around busy schedules.

For more information you can check out their website or email [email protected] or call on 085 2503305 and they will find the program that’s right for you.


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