Smart Snacking

Smart Snacking

by Niamh Lonergan | 13th May 2021

Snacks can be a great source of fuel in between main meals as well as being a source of essential nutrients. However, on the flip side, mindlessly snacking on foods with little nutrient value can have a negative impact on your eating habits, weight, and overall health.

Before we start talking about snacks, it is important to look at your three main meals first and making sure they are balanced in terms of carbohydrate, healthy fats, and protein so that they are fueling you adequately!

Of course, if you are more active, on your feet during the day or just feel hungry in between meals then adding snacks into your day will be necessary.

So, how can you get the most out of your snacks and ensure you are being snack savvy?


Just like your main meals, snacks also need to be balanced! When choosing snacks, chose high protein snacks with some healthy fats that will keep you satisfied for longer, and help you to meet your protein requirements.

Including a portion of fruit or veg with your snack is also a great way to ensure you’re hitting the recommended 5-7 portions per day, as well as providing you with essential nutrients including fibre, vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants.

Some balanced snack ideas include:

  • Bananas and nut butter
  • Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts
  • Popcorn- popcorn can be a great high fibre alternative to a packet of crisps!
  • Roasted chickpeas with hummus
  • Handful of nuts and seeds (unsalted)
  • Vegetable sticks (e.g. carrot, celery) with hummus or guacamole
  • Oatcakes/rice cakes with avocado, hummus, or cheese
  • Wholegrain toast with banana and nut butter
  • Raisins, dates, figs and other unsweetened dried fruits

Portion control

Remember, a snack is not a meal and it’s very important to keep portion size in check. Choosing pre-portioned single serve snacks or measuring out individual servings of your snack is an easy way to control the calories. For example, portion out your popcorn or serving of nuts/dried fruit into a bowl instead of mindlessly grazing from the bag.

Our 200kcal healthy snacks are a great way to ensure portion control- why not try our Coconut Protein Balls or Chickpea Cookie as a balanced, calorie-controlled and tasty snack!

Challenge Accepted!

My challenge to you this week is to take control of your snacking- be aware of the snacks you are choosing and use our tips as a guide to be a smart snacker! 


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