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​Getting Creative with your Diet!

​Getting Creative with your Diet!

by Jane Foxton | 28th Apr 2022

Are you a fussy eater? Or maybe you have specific dietary requirements which limit your food choices? We are all creatures of habit and often tend to stick to the same food choices, which can sometimes become monotonous and make sticking to a healthy eating plan a struggle. If you relate to this it might be time to get creative with your daily eating!

Our bodies and digestive systems crave balance and diversity, so why not try switching up one or two meals per week and use your own creativity to build excitement around mealtime!

We offer a range of meals to suit many preferences and are consistently coming up with ideas to make sure you have plenty of variety and new meals to look forward to! Check out some of our recommendations below on how you can include variety in your daily eating:

Vegan Meals

Our Vegan Meals offer a plant-based approach to your healthy eating. Eating Vegan has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and help to manage diabetes.

Having this diet also shown to be helpful for the environment. A study from Oxford University identified going vegan as the “single biggest way” we can reduce our carbon footprint, shrinking it up to 73%. Therefore, even one day of eating plant based means you’re assisting towards a more sustainable future!

Also, switching to alternative milks even once a day such as oat, soy or almond milk can help to reduce your carbon footprint and add a new twist to your morning coffee! 

Checkout some of our popular vegan meals such as the Vegan Thai Red CurrySmoky Black Bean Chilli and Vegetarian Noodles.


Consuming fish in your diet is a great way to encourage variety and diversity as well as receiving a wide array of nutrients. Whether that be with oily fish or crustaceans, you can get creative with choosing your options.

Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring offer a rich source of omega 3 long chain fatty acids which aid towards a healthy heart! Fish also offer a useful source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants so be sure to include this in your diet at least once a week.

Some examples of our fish dishes include the Baked Salmon, Brown Rice and BroccoliSeafood Paella and Almond Salmon with Sweet Potato.


A Mediterranean diet is similar to a plant-based diet, consisting of foods such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. It generally contains a higher healthy fat content and less processed foods. Dietary fats are not only good for your heart but and can also give your body the energy that it needs. Increase your energy with a Mediterranean based dinner a few times a week!

Some examples of our meals which could be incorporated into a Mediterranean style of eating include the Tomato & Mixed Pepper FusilliSpanish Chicken PaellaRoasted Sweet Potato & Feta Salad or Chicken Caesar Salad.

Create your own new recipes! 

Why not get creative with your own style of eating and try out new recipes which will spice up your meal times. Maybe treat yourself to a new recipe book coming up to payday or join a cooking class over the weekend! You’ll look forward to your new recipes and if anything, feel accomplished that you’ve at least tried them and created new dishes! If cooking isn't your thing or life is just too busy, we can help you get creative with our varied range of over 200 meals available in our Online Shop


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